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About AgroLink

AgroLink is a joint venture between Agrocorp International and LinkOne Solutions Holdings.  Currently, AgroLink owns and operates a grain elevator and state-of-the-art food grade pulse processing plant located in Cut Bank, Montana. AgroLink utilizes LinkOne’s extensive relationships with many of the key U.S. food and pet food manufacturers and Agrocorp’s global marketing capabilities to find the best markets for peas, chickpeas, and lentils.

About Agrocorp

Agrocorp International is a Singapore headquartered supply chain company that specializes in agricultural commodities and food products such as wheat, soybeans, cotton, pulses, edible nuts, rice, and sugar. It was started in 1990 and has grown to handling more than 12 million metric tons of product against an annual sales revenue in excess of 3b USD. The company’s tagline, “Nourishing a Changing World,” is derived from its strong presence in rapidly emerging markets and the strong nutritional focus of the products that it deals in. Agrocorp employs more than 500 staff across 15 countries and plays a key role in global food supply chains from its farmgate procurement, logistics, sales and distribution, and food processing activities. 

About LinkOne Ingredient Solutions

LinkOne was founded in 2002 on the principle of listening, serving, and solving to provide manufacturers with the best value-added ingredients for their trusted brands. Today, LinkOne is the premier source of ingredients and supply chain solutions to the pet food industry and is quickly developing a dynamic food ingredient business with a focus, among other things, on gluten-free ingredients for bakeries.. LinkOne’s name signifies its passion to serve the food and pet food industries as the first and most critical link in the supply chain. The team at LinkOne leads a robust and fast-growing business focused on marine products, fruits, vegetables, pulses, healthy grains, and a multitude of other ingredients. 

About Us